Teacher’s Training

Teachers Preparatory Course with Senior Teacher Doris Baer

Tian Yan Nei Gong® welcomes aspiring teachers to learn and to teach this greatly beneficial and deep exercise. To become a teacher, students will first go through a Teachers Preparatory Course that happens over two years (or less, depending upon progress) before progressing to a two-year certification course with Master Teacher Christel Wilk.

The Teachers Preparatory Course is a prerequisite for students who aspire to become Tian Yan Nei Gong® teachers. In this course, you will learn to prepare yourself both in the body and mind to reach the required standard for undertaking the Teachers Certification Training.

The main point of this course is to practice, practice and practice.

You will be given the instruction and guidelines for the specific exercises to practice – all that you require to qualify for the Teachers Certificate Training. Our course aims to:

  • Increase body awareness
  • Build up core strength and stamina
  • Gain strength and flexibility of the entire spine
  • Open up all joints
  • Improve alignment and grounding

Duration: Approximately two years. Three modules a year. Each module is taught over three days.

Tuition: $3600/module

Payment terms: Per module

Enrollment requirement: Contact us to find out more.

Please let us know of your interest and we will contact you when enrollment begins.


Teachers Certification Training by Master Teacher Christel Wilk

The two-year Teachers Certification Training with Master Teacher Christel Wilk is where the basic form of the 16 main Nei Gong exercises (Dong Gongs) will be taught in combination with some holding exercises (Jing Gong).

You will learn the theory including the meridian systems and some health principles based on Traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophies of the Water Tradition.

The emphasis however is on the practical – the movement and exercises.

Please visit www.tianyanneigong.com for more details.

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